Changing Avatar / Profile picture not working with CDN

I am using Inspirebook theme with Amazon Cloudfront CDN for uploaded images - which RTMedia handles amazing.

  • I cannot change profile picture/avatar images by hovering over the profile image and clicking “Edit profile picture”.
    NOTE: It seems to fail at the cropping phase where the pop-up I receive is blank. No image preview, no crop button.

  • I cannot change profile picture/avatar images by accessing an image via media tab, clicking “options” and choosing “Set as profile pic”.
    NOTE: It fails at the cropping phase. It takes you to the “Change avatar” crop screen but instead of an image and cropping tool it says “Avatar to crop” and “Avatar preview” with the “Crop Image” button.

  • I CAN change profile picture/avatar by going to the profile tab and choosing “Change Avatar”. Everything works as expected in this way.

I assume the difference is that when you change it via the Profile > “Change Avatar” option using Buddypresses default change avatar method the Avatar is stored locally on the server.

Whereas, using the methods that are failing the image has already been uploaded and moved to the CDN location.

Is this something that you believe could be resolved?

I will post my website link in the next reply (will mark as private) for your testing.


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Hello Jwlou,

We are looking into it and update you shortly.

Can you send admin credentials, FTP / SSH access to, so that we can debug the issue.

Sent. Please let me know when you have completed so I can secure the account.

My apologies Manish. I have regenerated the SSH keys and tested. I have sent you new credentials via email.

We found the issue, profile pic was getting uploaded through rtMedia and was getting set as Profile pic from BuddyPress.

It seems to be media stored location issue. We will fix the issue and it will be updated in the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you Manish. I'm happy that you found the issue. Great support and great theme! I'm excited to see the next update.

I know this is a resolved thread, however I’d like to point out that you can use the Jetpack plugin for free, and enable “Photon”. That’s a free CDN for ALL images on your site. Before Jetpack 3.0 was released, it did not work with BuddyPress avatars, and now it does as of last week. I just bought InspireBook and rtMedia Pro today and it works like a champ. The nice thing about Jetpacks’ CDN is that it uses multiple URL’s for the images allowing 12 parallel downloads of images at the same time so pages really do load much faster for graphic intensive sites.

Anyhow, hope this helps, if not, no worries. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I tried it. :slight_smile: