Changing an existing .NET site to .COM

Hi all,

I have a site with domain name xxxxxxx.NET and now I would like to change it to xxxxxx.COM … Is there an easy way of doing this ? Or should I start renaming folder names and replacing the .net in all the config files ?

Thanks, Lex


If you haven’t done this before and want a straightforward process with less risk of messing up:

  1. Go to /var/www/xxxxxxx.NET and move wp-config.php file inside htdocs ($ mv wp-config.php htdocs/)

  2. Create the new domain site via EasyEngine (ee site create xxxxxxx.COM --wp)

  3. Go to /var/www/xxxxxxx.COM/ and delete the wp-config.php file ($ rm wp-config.php)

  4. Go to /var/www/xxxxxxx.COM/htdocs/ and delete all contents ($ rm -rf *)

  5. Create a package of xxxxxxx.NET using Duplicator plugin (

  6. Download package zip and installer.php files created by Duplicator, then FTP upload these files to /var/www/xxxxxxx.COM/htdocs/ via FTP

  7. Go top xxxxxxx.COM/installer.php and follow instructions

  8. Check that everything works fine before deleting xxxxxxx.NET

Done. Duplicator takes care of necessary permalink and database changes.

EDIT: See new step 3 (Remember to delete the wp-config.php file from when you created the xxxxxxx.COM site as you won’t need it. Place your proper wp-config.php here instead).