Change width of collapsible menu

I tried to simply change the CSS size of .rtp-slide-panel but it doesn't look like that's all I have to do. Any suggestions?

I would also like to achieve this… would go for 100%, but only in mobile mode…

I also have problem uncolapsing in mobile mode, the menu button does not react…

Hello Mihail,

Can you please provide site URL to check this issue.

It’s on localhost. It acctually works, but have to wait for a while and click several times… I added the code you gave me to child theme that “disables the auto-collapse”.

function rtp_remove_custom_hooks() {   
    remove_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'rtp_collapse_menu' );  

add_action( 'init', 'rtp_remove_custom_hooks' );

Could that be a cause for this problem? If so, I can wait for new version that as you said will have this option to “disable” the auto-collapse.


However this topic is for menu width, which I would also like to apply in mobile mode.


How to disable the animated collapsing effect of the menu? I would just like it to open, no effects.

(this might also solve the resolution problem on older devices)

thank you