Change Upload Template

Using the uploader shortcode, is there anyway to change the upload template?? I can’t seem to be able to edit it the way I want, I want to remove the little pencil that makes the more info appear and just make the more info appear by default.

Hello @RedZephon,

There is not any direct option available to do this. However, you can add custom code for yourself to achieve this.

You can refer this sample code here -

Try adding it to your theme’s functions.php file.

I hope it will help you. Thank you, Pranali

I tried the code you provided but its just removing the whole upload form now. @pranalipatel


Where have you added that code? Make sure it’s in current theme’s functions.php file (maybe at the end of file). I tried that same code on my test website and it’s working fine. Screenshot attached.

I pasted the code to the bottom of the functions.php, see pastebin

The whole page shows blank as seen here:

Hello @RedZephon,

The code suggested earlier should not cause the blank page issue. Could you please once check if it is working fine by removing the given code?


I got it working, now I have a new issue. See screenshot, is there anyway to make it use the actual resolution instead of a downsized one that isn’t blurry??

Hello @RedZephon,

You can set the media thumbnail size from the rtMedia admin settings. You will see different media types as categories under Media Sizes tab.

Try to change thumbnail size for photos as per the media size of your images and check if that works for you.

Related document link -