Change Upload Button Behavior

Hello, our clients wanted to change how they uploads the albums/photos on the site. when clicking on the “Upload Photos” link, instead of showing the uploader box/UI…they wanted to immediately show the upload/browse file window and then later show the uploader box/UI…

but that seems to be a difficult one to do, so i guess instead that way…we could do them at the same time. showing the upload window, and the uploader box/UI on background. What we are having trouble with is modifying the backbone.js file and maybe other files must be edited also (we dont know that yet). using the code which shows the upload window together with the js for showing the uploader box, but we cant locate them.

Any thoughts on how we can make this possible? our clients are using the PRO version. some response asap would really be appreciated, client is on a tight schedule.

Hello. any thoughts people. is this possible to do?

Hi @project_assistant,

Yes, you can add custom JavaScript code to trigger click for file select upload window.

Below is the sample code which you need to add in your theme’s custom JavaScript file:

jQuery( document ).on( 'click', '#rtm_show_upload_ui', function () {
} );
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Hi @pranalipatel ,

Thank you for the reply! that was really helpful

Hi @project_assistant,

You are welcome :smiley: