Change Text in Media Gallery Section

I am trying to change the “Options”, “Bulk Edit” dropdown, and “Cancel Bulk Editing” text in the media gallery section of a profile. Any tips on how to change this easily without modifying core files?

@paulmrivera, Sorry to say there isn't filter available to change this texts. You can change it using JavaScript but not a feasible way.

Where would the text be in the core files? I will just keep track of the changes and revise when RTmedia is updated.

To change "Options" look for the rtmedia_gallery_options function in buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/template/rt-template-functions.php file on line no. 1316.

To change "Bulk Edit" check rtmedia_bulk_edit_option function in rtmedia-pro/app/main/controllers/template/rtm-pro-function.php file, line no. 1236 and to change "Cancel Bulk Editing", in the same file check rtmedia_bulk_edit_container function, line no. 1292.