Change Text for Maximum Upload

I want to change the text when a user has reached the “maximum number of files a user can upload”. Currently it says “You can not upload any media as you had exceeded the limit to upload media.”. Where is this text located at in the plugin folder so that I can revise this text? If there as an easier way to change this text without modifying core files that would be even better. Thanks.

@paulmrivera, Yes, you don't need to change code files. You can do that using available filter. Use rtmedia_upload_not_allowed_message filter to change the text.

I'm not really great with creating filters. Any chance you could guide me in the right direction?


You can add this filter to change the upload limit allowed message in your theme's functions.php file.

add_filter( 'rtmedia_upload_not_allowed_message', 'rtm_upload_limit_allowed_message', 20, 2 ); function rtm_upload_limit_allowed_message( $message, $section ) { return 'Your message here'; }

Thanks! Much appreciated.