Change site root folder

Hello everyone!

I want to limit the space for all my sites to 1GB.
Right now this is not possible with Docker Volumes…
My workaround right now:

  • Addional data disk attached to vm
  • 1GB partitions on the disk for each site
  • docker-compose.override.yml to override volume htdocs with /var/www mount to /opt/sites/
  • Manually copy over all the stuff from the default htdocs folder /opt/easyengine/sites/ to my new /var/www docker mount at /opt/sites/


version: '3.5'


      - "/opt/sites/"

So this all works fine, it is just a to much work to do manually.
Writing a scripts to the work would also be possible but I’m too lazy…

Is there some better easyengine buildin way to change the site root folder?

How I think it schould work (but does not):

sudo ee site create --sites_path=/opt/sites/

Configuring project.
Creating site
Copying configuration files.
Starting site's services.
Success: Configuration files copied.
Host entry already exists.
Checking and verifying site-up status. This may take some time.

| Site          |                |
| Site Root     | /opt/easyengine/sites/ |
| Alias Domains | None                          |
| SSL           | Not Enabled                   |
Site entry created.

Site Root should be /opt/sites/ but actually is still default /opt/easyengine/sites/

How does the --sites_path= command work?

Thanks for all the answers!

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