Change redirection from blogger main to especific page on WordPress

Hey there, just wondering how can I do to redirect blogger main domain to wordpress.tld/blog but leaving the redirect to posts working, for example to wordpress.tld/post1

Is it possible to accomplish that, thanks in advance.


First you need to use this blogger to WordPress redirection plugin it will handle the redirection from to self hosted WordPress domain.

Then, you need to write an .htaccess (if using apache) or nginx rule to redirect subdomain url.


Hey there, thank you for your reply, I’m already using the plugin and it redirects from the old blogger domain (i.e: to the new website (, and all the post are correctly redirected, for example from to but I need to redirect from to without affecting the redirection to posts.

So if I do the redirect to this specific page ( using htaccess then the redirect from oldblog posts to new posts will not be affected by this change?

Thanks in advance!