Change order of elements in Wordpress


In my blog posts, (eg: in the bottom of the page comments section, I have one button and one check box
button- class name- .form-submit
check box- class name- .comment-subscription-form

I would like to re-order the button and the check box. I want the check box section to appear before the submit button. I am using the child CSS. Can i re-order using CSS.


Hello Rajesh,

The subscription form element (.comment-subscription-form) is loading after submit button (.form-submit), so if you want to re-order element then you will need to do some tricks by using CSS, please add following CSS code in the bottom of your style.css.

.comment-form { position: relative; }  
.comment-respond .form-submit { margin-bottom: 0; padding-bottom: 0; padding-top: 50px; }  
.comment-subscription-form { position: absolute; bottom: 45px; left: 0; width: auto; }

Let me know if its work for you.

Hi Manish,

Worked like a charm. Thank You very much.


Glad to know it works for you.