Change Media Tab name and image

Hello, I am trying to rename the “Media” Tab in the profile Nav. I would also like to change the Icon image to something else. Any suggestions. I am using the kleo theme and am a coding noob.

Hello @kcdrip,

You can rename default “Media” tab label. Try adding below line of code in your site’s wp-config.php file.

define ( ‘RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL’, ‘NewMediaName’ );

Also check this document for more label options ->

As the icon is coming from Kleo theme, we suggest you to kindly contact Kleo theme’s support team.

Thank you.

Ok so I added that to my wp-config file and it is not updating? There is also a wp-config-sample file, do I need to do something with that?

Hello @kcdrip,

Please check whether you are changing correct wp-config.php file or not. You may add any echo statement in wp-config file to check whether file gets load or not.

You need not to do anything in wp-config-sample.php file.

Thank you.

did it work for you @kcdrip ?