Change Directory for Uploaded Content?


First, thank you for the great plug in. I am hopeful that it is just what I need.

In short, my question is how to change the directory that media uploaded to groups goes to.

I am having trouble accessing media uploaded to groups. In the media tab of each group, it displays the number of albums and photos uploaded in their respective tabs, but no media is shown and the message "Oops !! There's no media found for the request !!" The same thing happens when I click on the uploaded image thumbnail from the sitewide activity feed.

See here for the example:

I have a hunch that this is becuase I changed the nomenclature of "groups" to "member projects" throughout the site. So my groups' slugs are "" rather than ""

I believe the problem is that media uploaded through the Member Projects (a.k.a. groups) goes into "wp-content/uploads/rtMedia/groups/" but I think I need it to go into "wp-content/uploads/rtMedia/member-projects24."

The target link URL for both the media tab on the "member project" page and the sitewide activity feed URL is ""

I now have rtMedia unactiavated so that others don't upload media before getting this issue resolved.

Any help and insights would be appreciated.

Thank you,


@c-s-carnevale - Apologies for the later reply. Have you tried flushing the permalinks ->

Hi @joshuaabenazer - Thanks for the reply. I've tried flushing the permalinks according to those directions and it does not solve the situation. Any other thoughts?



@c-s-carnevale - Try deactivating the other plugins and check. Could be a plugin conflict.