Change default Lightbox to Fancybox

Hey there!

  1. I am looking for a way to change the default Lightbox to Fancybox to match my Theme. How can i solve that?

Highly appreciate any Input. Thanks in Advance!

  1. Masonary is not working for me. I changed it to that view and also disabld crop but the new uploaded pictures still in regular view. This is not that important for me as 1) but would be also nice if i can get a hint.

Found the Problem but not able to solve it. It seems that rtMedia puts the Image in an HTML link. easyfancybox is not able to open that so I have to change that link into a regular img link.

Any Ideas how to do so?

EDIT – please prior this Edit Text and forget about the first Input:

It would be also good, or maybe even better, if i disable the lightbox. In this Case i come to the Single Image Site and there I wnat to make the Image clickable so my Lightbox (easy Fancybox) can show the Image.

I think i have to edit the rt-template-functions.php to do so but I am not sure what to change there. Maybe its anyway the wrong spot :slight_smile:

I hope you can help me out with that. Would be truly kickass!

btw: Masonary View is still not working. Not sure what the Problem there is but like I said, thats not the Main Problem.

Maybe it was a little confusing. So here again what I would love to do.

I want to disable the Lightbox Feature of rtMedia. So if i click a Image on the Album I’ll get redirect to the Image Page. There I can comment and like the Picture. But I want to make that Image there clickable to view it Fullscreen in my used 3rd Party Lightbox (easy Fancybox in my Case).

So: What do I need to do to make the Image on the Single Image Site clickable to get full view?

Thanks in Advance!

this one up again…

one last time … promise!

OK guys! I want to make the Photo at the Attachment Page clickable. We got two Options.

  1. use Lightbox to open, comment and share Photos
  2. open the Attachment Page and comment and share there .

I am using the second Option. But once I am there I want the Image make clickable so I can view it larg size. My Custom Lightbox is taking care of that then but at first I have to make it clickable to see the full Picture. I hope you can follow me.

I am really looking forward to any suggestion. I dont need a full and final code. Just help me out what I need to change. Any help is highly appreciatet!

Hi @flipstar,

To make the photo clickable, you need to override media-single.php in your theme for the change you required.

In media-single.php you will find Div elements in class hierarchy as follow,

rtmedia-container rtmedia-single-container > row rtm-lightbox-container > rtmedia-single-media-container

In rtmedia-single-media-container Div element you will find two Div elements with class = ‘rtmedia-media’ .

To make photo clickable you need to change first Div element with class rtmedia-media.