Change Activity Page Image URL


Hi, awesome plugin and very good work.
I want to change activity page image url to full uploaded image url. I believe it’s coming from
buddypress-media > app > main > controllers > activity > RTMediaActivity.php line 63

if ( $media->media_type == 'photo' )  
    $html .= '';

I tried replacing with

<a href="’;rtmedia_image(“rt_media_single_image”, $image->id); echo ‘">
<a href="’ . rtmedia_image(“rt_media_single_image”, $image->id) . ‘">
<a href="’ . rtmedia_image(“rt_media_single_image”) . '">
however, nothing gives me the full image. please help. I am very grateful. thanks


Use this code to get full uploaded image url.


working correctly now, thank you for your help. if i add class to this like

if ( $media->media_type == 'photo' )  
    $html .= '';  

, it doesn’t reflect in the source code. how do i do that? Thanks again. appreciate it


check this thread -> to use custom lightbox, you need to override media-single.php template to use different lightbox.