CDN usage + Redis in eev4

I have read the tutorials on CDN’s using W3TC. Is it okay to install W3TC with an ee4 Redis cache install, so long as you don’t activate Redis in W3TC? What is okay to activate and what not in W3TC if you have Redis [–cache] on your instance?

Also, can anyone explain the difference between [–with-local-redis] and [–cache] for WP installs?

--cache flag is used to create a cached site. --with-local-redis flag is used to specify that the sites needs dedicated redis container for itself.

In EEv4, all the sites have their own containers for PHP and Nginx. However, they use common containers for MySQL and Redis to keep memory consumption less. If you want to have a dedicated container for redis for a site, then you’ll use --with-local-redis flag.

Performance wise, it does not matter if you use --with-local-redis or not. I’ve seen many production sites which do not use --with-local-redis and still are working just fine. So it’s okay if you don’t use it.

Thanks. Is CDN supported in EEv4?