CDN Issue: Original images loaded in Lightbox

Hi guys,

Been doing some testing with adding CDN Support to RTMedia and it almost works. I am using W3 Total Cache with MaxCDN configured an the uploaded media is being sent to the CDN and thumbnail images (on profiles and in the activity stream) serve the images from the CDN.

The only problem is that the full size images in the Lightbox are still being served from the origin server… Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks once again for the awesome plugin :slight_smile:

Save money!

Install JetPack ( and activate “Photon”. Photon is a free images CDN that loads off of 3 servers (i0/i1/ for 6 images loading at a time! It’s better than MaxCDN for images because MaxCDN only loads 2 at a time, and also costs money…

And, of course, JetPack will work with the LightBox no problem.

Remember, it’s free! Just activate and that’s it. No configuration necessary, it just works. I use this on all of my sites.

If you really must use MaxCDN, it isnt rtMedia that is loading the images from the server, it is MaxCDN that is missing the rewrite and loading them from the original server. It would be an issue for MaxCDN to resolve for you by fixing their plugin.

Have fun


Hi @illusionsglass ,

I have Photon activated on my site (across my Multisite network) but I’m using MaxCDN on the side to CDN my other static assets (JS/CSS/Theme images etc). So far I have not seen Photon work for Activity Stream images or RTMedia, but maybe I’m doing something wrong? Do you have a live example of this working somewhere?

Thanks Ben :slight_smile:

An update… Jetpack does indeed work with BuddyPress and the activity stream, but the problem remains the same. When you upload an image jetpack photon does it’s thing, but the full size images are not properly loaded. See the attached video

Looks like the Lightbox is a bug – See:

I’m not sure what you’re referring too. That is a stand-alone WordPress plugin that is not related to RTMedia :slight_smile:

Hi @bowefrankema,

Please check ajax request status for full size media. If it’s 500 server error, please check server error logs to debug the issue further.

I’m suspecting the same problem, is there any solution to this?