Capability to Post on Other Member's Profiles

I have a situation where utilizing groups creates too much overhead for what would be manageable, but the site managers need to be able to upload photos/media to other user accounts. It would be great if there were to be a user capability/setting for uploading to other user profiles.

I made an initial attempt at this. I got it so the upload elements were shown on the page (which would be determined by the user capability) & it displayed the correct albums in the drop-down. However, I haven't been successful in being able to get it so the author of the image is the currently displayed user rather than the logged in user and/or getting it to then be inserted into that album (the media would still end up getting added to the currently logged in user's profile).

I can provide additional information, and I'm open to your ideas/feedback/suggestions. Thanks!


What you are trying to achieve is not present even in the most basic form in the plugin's concept. At present, the plugin only understands a user uploading media to their own profile. To be able to post media on another user's profile is akin to posting something on their wall (activity stream) like we do on facebook.

BuddyPress itself doesn't allow this, as of now. There is something called private messaging, but it is not even close.

So, adding this feature will require a whole deal of workarounds because the media is closely tied with activities. Now, if we disable activities, this might be easier to work out, but then what is a Social Network without activities?

Having said that, this is possible but would require a lot of code and a possible restructuring of the base functions, as they stand. So, this is a little out of scope for the help and support that we can provide to the community.

For such special needs, you might want to hire us for the development or get premium support while you develop it yourself.


I see. That was my thought after digging around the plugin for a bit. I've gone ahead & created my own separate Photo Gallery implementation that simply uploads photos with the author set to the currently displayed user & then the photo gallery page displays any photos with that user as the author (using a custom category on the media so it only pulls media uploaded via the photo gallery). This works well for me, and I wouldn't want to take your plugin off-track of its intended purpose/concept.

Thanks for your response!

Great. Have you posted this on the plugin repository? Would love to see the code.


Ah, the work wasn't put into place to make it as modular as it would need to be in order to be a standalone plugin. Might happen sometime down the line, but nothing planned currently.

Thanks again!