Can't work after update

can't upload the media file (just 100k photo)

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What error are you getting? Try the default theme and also try deactivating other plugins and check.

Changed to other theme but still can't work. However, the error is similar with others here. After "select" the media file, there is 0% upload. When click the "post update", the media can be upload but used to key in some words. It is totally different behavior with other website we used. Moreover, the media still can't be display and the media folder show 0 file. When I click into it, "page not found" is show. BTW, I find the solution as others mention in this forum. It was a good plug-in before. Why does rtCamp change it?

@heman - Glad to know you could get it working. We had changed it so that we could make the plugin more flexible to customizations.