Can't we Install Easyengine with old version of wordpress?

Can’t we Install Easyengine with old version of wordpress?

Please if There is any command then Do Share.

EE is meant to install only latest WP version.

(Why the heck would someone use an outdated version of WP, by the way?)

You can only install the latest version of WP if you use the one-command setup for WP.

I guess there might be cases where someone wanted to install an older version for creating a clone of a site built in an older version for the purpose of troubleshooting, or as some kind of case study, or to try and isolate an attack vector, or to work on an upgrade path for your own plugin or theme.

It does seem a bit unusual to want to use an older version unless you’re a developer with a specific purpose, and I guess it doesn’t matter what the reason is… although a developer would probably also have read the documentation and seen how to set up an environment to do this.

You can do it by setting up a base install of the server, then install only the “stacks” that you need without actually installing WP.

Once you have set up a server with a database, you can install your own version of WP in the normal way.

You can discover more here:

and here:

PHP+MySQL Website To create simple php website with database use this command.

ee site create --mysql

Another way of doing it, and possibly quicker, is to do the simple one-command installation, then drop all the tables in the DB (or create a new DB and user with the correct permissions), then delete all the files from the public root directory, then install whichever older version you want in place of that.

You can do all of this using the WP-CLI commands in the normal way.