Can't upload photos using android devices


Since the last few updates (since the ‘Attach Files’ button changed into an icon) I can’t upload photos using android devices. When clicking on the upload button, it does let me choose a picture but it doesn’t upload it. Sometimes after trying several times in a row to upload a photo, it does upload the photo several times. It never works on the first try.

I wonder if I’m the only one who is experiencing this issue. Everything was fine before the last few updates.

I tested it using Galaxy s2, Android 4.0.4 and Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Android 4.4.2

Yep same problem - tested on Galaxy Note 4 using Chrome.

The image uploaded but isn’t attached to the post in the activity stream!

My users are reporting the same issues. Surprised there has been no fix or support on this. Fingers crossed someone makes an import / export code to pull in rtmedia info into either “media press” or “Wp Photo Album Plus” - I can’t keep having live sites breaking with functions like this that are considered mandatory by a majority of users.


This is Sanket from rMedia team.

We have checked with Android versions 5.1, 5.0.2, 4.4.4, 4.3 along with WordPress default themes and it is working perfectly fine. There might be some plugin conflicts or js error on your site.

Sorry for the inconvenience you all have faced.

Thank you for your patience.


Again, I have checked with Android versions 4.0.4, 4.4.2 along with WordPress default themes and it is working perfectly fine.

Please let us know if problem still persists at your site. Also please check with by deactivating other plugins.

@sanketparmar sanketparmar - My users are reporting the error occurs when they attempt tp upload 4 pics at the same time using android devices. (at least that’s the details on person provided) Pics are approx 3mb each. I will do some testing with my android devices tonight to see if I can see any errors or anything.

Have you tested uploading 3 pics at same time? Have you tested uploading pic to a BP “group” activity? To the individual profile via the media tab?


Yes I have already checked by uploading multiple pics with different android devices. I have checked it with different sizes of pictures like 5MB each, 4MB each & 3MB each at the same time and also with multiple pictures being together in BP group, media profile and activity also but not able to reproduce the issue.

Can you once check if there is any JS error in console or any error in your error log, it will be more helpful to solve the issue if there is any.

Thank you.

I don’t know how to do that - is that something you need the chrome browser for?

(wondering if this can be done using an android device)

not sure what console, where to look for js error, or which error logs to check.