Can't upload media on fresh WordPress installation

I’ve tried the following variations on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04

  • WPredis + HHVM + Lets Encrypt
  • WPredis + PHP7 + Lets Encrypt
  • WPredis + PHP 5.6 + Lets Encrypt

Besides EasyEngine, nothing on the server is set up.

When trying to upload media using the WP dashboard, an error in the backend occurs. Nginx logs contains error code 111 with backend on fastcgi:// connection refused.

WP dashboard looks like this and never reaches the “edit” link.

Is it a common issue?

@muehlio Few initial troubleshooting steps could be:

  • Check for the right file permission in the site directory.
  • Your website is trying to interface with HHVM, try moving the site to php or php7.

Let us know if that helps. Thank you.

I’ve tried chowning the var/www directory to www-data and chmoding the uploads dir with 777 (temporarily). I tried it with PHP7 and PHP5.6, and it didn’t work with any of them.