Cant set Video thumbnails

Greetings Everyone!

I am running rtmedia v3.7.19 and using the free encoding service offered by by rtmedia. Here is my problem… after uploading videos I do not have an option to set a thumbnail. Nothing at all. I have settings set to generate 3 thumbs right now but there are no options to set them or even view them when I edit the videos. Do I need PRO or is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!

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Hi @keithpenn27,

Can you provide your site URL, so that we can debug the issue?

Audio/Video Encoding is available with rtMedia only.

Thank you.

I’ve been having this same issue for like a week with no resolution. You’re not alone.

Hi @WOWLogan @keithpenn27,

We are having some issues with encoding service related to video quality.

Our team looking into it. Hopefully we will get solution soon.

Thank you.

@Pranalipatel – I noticed that too about 6 months ago when we tested rtMedia with the free encoder. The quality issue comes down to wmv files most of the time. The bitrate of the encoding service is so low that the quality is just junk. It was also this way on the ffmpeg encoder with node. I rewrote the ffmpeg commands to this:

var command = 'ffmpeg -y -i ' + queued_folder + current_file.filename + ' -acodec libfaac -b:a 96k -s 1280x720 -vcodec libx264 -movflags faststart -profile:v baseline -pix_fmt yuv420p -level:v 30 -crf 31 -threads 4 "' + temp_folder + filename + '"';

The thumbnails ffmpeg commands did not need updating, only the actual encoding one. You might strip out the -s 1280x720 because that forces all videos to be a set resolution and aspect ratio but for me, that setting is nice.

If this helps, cool! If not, no worries, maybe it might help someone else.


I should add – that not all videos came out poorly with the free encoder. If I uploaded h264/mp4’s to the free encoder or node.js they turned out just fine. It was only with certain file formats, notably wmv.

Hi @illusionsglass,

Thank you for your clarification on this.

It will be helpful to our development team. We will crosscheck with it.

I appreciate that.

Version 3.7.24 said that it had encoding service bug fixes, but it has fixed exactly none of these problems on my website. I tried reuploading a few videos too, and they still have no thumbnails on the video gallery page or any options to choose/edit thumbnails at all.