Can't see new posts until nginx cache is manually purged

Hi folks,

I did an ee create --wpfc --hhvm install today and everything seems to be working fine except for an odd issue I’m having with Safari on iOS and OS X.

If I make a new post Safari on iOS and OS X will not show it until I hit Purge Cache in /wp-admin/.

I am not signed in to the site in Safari. At first I thought this was affecting everywhere I wasn’t signed in but on if I pull up the site in Chrome the post is displayed (Not signed in there either). Is something getting set that is making Safari so aggressively cache?

Hmm. Further testing seems to show that if I switch from “Using a GET request to PURGE/url” to “Delete local server cache files” in the ngnix helper plugin cache gets purged as expected and if there’s a new comment / post it shows in every browser.

If I use the GET request to purge, new comments do not show up at all unless I go to /wp-admin/ and manually click purge cache.

Correction: Switching to “Delete local server cache files” fixed having comments show up immediately, but did NOT fix showing new posts immediately. I still need to manually click purge cache after each new post.