Can't scroll profile page when I click on media tab

Hi everyone I’ve installed rtmedia just now. The plugin seem to work well in the activity page (I can upload media), but if i click on the media tab of the profile page, it blocks the page one the top part and the scroll bar disappears (the scrolling is desabled also for mobile, no way to scroll the page going down). I’m useing enigma theme, I tried with the default wordpress theme and the plugin works also in profile page, so this is a compatibility problem with my theme. How can I solve it or what information can I give you for troubleshooting?


Hello @Ositive,

Please once try the mentioned possible solution in other similar thread here - Plugin freezes site on media tab

I hope it will help you.


Hi! Thanks! It works for me! Excuse me for reposting, I searched for any similar topic but may be with different key words


Update: the only problem is that still appears a thin wight bar on the top of the header and the username in the header (the bar where the page name is displayed) become linkable. Any idea of why this strange behavior?

Anyway the most important is done…

Hello @Ositive,

Please, could you share a screenshot where we can view this white bar? It will help us to understand your query clearly.

Thank you.

Hello! Excuse me for the delay… I’ve resolved the margin problem. It was just a margin top of 15px that was in my boostrap file for “.media” css. I don’t know if it is normal that the page have taken the .media css only for the media tab.

For the link in the member name in the header (really not a great problem, the most important was the margin top that I’ve resolved), it seems like if it introduces an a href in general I’ve


when I click in media tab:


Anyway thank you very much for your quick responses! Ositive