Can't remove mail stack

When I try to remove the mail stack I don’t get an error message, only 224 The log isn’t much help either.

My mail configuration is very messed up and I need to start over from the beginning by completely uninstalling everything mail-related, including the config files, but without uninstalling mysql or nginx.

If that’s not possible, can I just reinstall vimbadmin somehow?

root@richpav:/var/log/ee# ee stack remove --mail
root@richpav:/var/log/ee# tail ee.log 
2018-05-21 23:05:38,583 (DEBUG) ee : ['/usr/local/bin/ee', 'stack', 'remove', '--mail']
2018-05-21 23:05:38,583 (DEBUG) ee : collecting arguments/commands for <ee.cli.controllers.base.EEBaseController object at 0x7fcf93db8710>
2018-05-21 23:05:38,585 (DEBUG) ee : collecting arguments/commands for <ee.cli.plugins.stack.EEStackController object at 0x7fcf93db88d0>
2018-05-21 23:05:38,586 (DEBUG) ee : collecting arguments/commands for <ee.cli.plugins.stack_services.EEStackStatusController object at 0x7fcf93d46080>
2018-05-21 23:05:38,589 (INFO) ee : Initializing EasyEngine Database
2018-05-21 23:05:38,602 (DEBUG) ee : Removing mail server packages
2018-05-21 23:05:38,602 (DEBUG) ee : Running command: mysqladmin ping
2018-05-21 23:05:38,631 (DEBUG) ee : Command Output: mysqld is alive
Command Error:


have your tried --purge ?

ee stack purge --mail

I think I did. There was a command I tried that removed mysql and nginx and I had to restore my entire server from a backup image. I’m almost sure that was the command.

I was able to remove almost everything with ee stack purge --mailscanner && ee stack purge --postfix, but I also had to manually delete config files in /etc/ and do apt-get remove dovecot*. At some point I was able to reinstall with ee stack install --mail, but while the scripts were installing vimbadmin it quit with the “error message” 224. At this very moment (at 5 AM) I’m trying to reinstall using the tutorial here:

Mail server setup is always painful, even on a clean install.

To remove packages including their dependencies, use

apt-get autoremove yourpackage

and if you want to remove the previous configuration use

apt-get purge yourpackage

But configuration files and data are not always properly removed, so you may have to delete manually package folder in /etc/ and data in /var/lib

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