Can't parse the access log with goaccess

I can’t parse the access log with goaccess. I checked the site and it says it uses the combined format but i tried using both types they have in goaccess and it didn’t work.

anyone happen to have the proper format that i can use in goaccess?

thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Finally figured it out. Here is it for anyone else that might have the same issue

%h %D %^ [%d:%^] %^ “%r” %s %b “%R” “%u”


hey - thanks for this. i was too lazy to figure it out. goaccess looks interesting.

yeah, i like it better than awstats or webalizer


What do you use for “Date Format” field?


I still highlighted the first "combine" option (3rd on the list? CLF? ) so it so it used whatever date format for that option. I think it was day/month/year.

Sorry, I'm not at my computer. I answered from memory.

@FalconX1 @all

We use this

date-format %d/%b/%Y

log-format %h %^[%d:%^] %^"%r" %s %b "%R" "%u"

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Thanks for posting - this looks like a great admin tool. I have been using as a online server log viewer, but I like the data abstraction is doing. I will see about setting this up and giving it a try.

how to install goaccess?

btw I installed it having this issue when opening the log file

any idea how to fix

alright fixed it :slight_smile: using that method thanks

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having this error now

Fatal error has occurred Error occured at: src/parser.c - read_log - 1662 Unable to open the specified log file. Timer expired