Can't make Global Albums work


Hello guys.

I'm installing rtMedia Pro on my customer's website, but the plugin's documentation is not helping at all.

I tried multiple ways of making this work and unfortunately, can't correct the issue by myself and I just bought the plugin for this functionality.

What I need to do: to install a page that should work as a Global Album. Any registered user will be able to access the page and to add pictures on it easily, as well as via the plugin's WIdget.

What I tried to do: assigned a new Global Album on the plugin's setup. At a new page, I'm using a Gallery shortcode with Global set as "True" and blank author (wan't admin and everyone to add info).

All privacy configs are opened.

The issue: the upload button doesn't work. The input code is retrieved but I can't click an add pictures on the website.

I hope you guys may help me. If I manage to make the plugin work I'm sure I'll be recommending it for other customers as it's the only option we have right now to setup global galleries on a BP installation.



Actually, I found that this is a theme-based issue with the uploader. I just can't click on the "upload" button. As this is a third-party plugin, the theme developers can't find a way to give me the support I need.

What do I have to look for to correct an uploading button problem and/or where do I have to look for?



More information: I found the issue with the Select button not working. But now, when it does work, another issue: Upload button is hidden! :O

This happens at the basic themes too.

Any thumbs-up guys?


@mike - Could you provide a link to your website and paste the debug info ( ) here so that we could see what exactly is causing the issue.


Also try deactivating the other plugins and check too. It could be a plugin conflict as you are saying this issue occurs with the most basic themes.