Can't install RtMedia

rtMedia Pro: There is some problem. Please try again.

Can't even install plugin. Will try deactivating all plugins, etc.


Looks like you are trying to install rtMedia-PRO which will require you to have rtMedia (free/base plugin) installed already.

Our repo is down for a while. You can get a copy of rtMedia (free) from

This is latest one - You can download and upload this zip file and then try uploading rtMedia-PRO or other rtMedia addons.

If you face any issues, just let us know.


Make sure you rename uploaded folder from rtMedia- to buddypress-media.

Sorry for this inconvenience. We hope issue will get sorted soon.

  • I have installed both plugins
  • renamed it to buddypress-media and buddypress-pro
  • Visited all the settings pages and they look fine
  • the link for media appears at
  • however, the page does not exist ?

Any ideas?



@johntradr-com, You don't need to rename rtMedia-PRO, just rename it again from "buddypress-pro" to "rtmedia-pro" . You just need to rename "rtMedia" to "buddypress-media" only. After that save your permalinks again to avoid 404 page errors.

Wow - refreshing permalinks did the trick. thanks!

All seems to be setup for Buddypress Groups only media sections.

When i upload an image there is a green notification but no option to save or go anywhere else.

When I refresh the upload vanishes.

Feel free to create an account and test in any group.

Screenshot is from here



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@johntradr-com, Please check error log while uploading and tell the error details.

Ok. I have deactivated the PRO and normal versions until I can figure out why it is not working.

I have checked the /var/log/nginx/error.log and it doesn't make any mention of rtmedia.

Can I please get this working as I have paid for the pro version and haven't uploaded anything yet.



@johntradr-com, can you email me admin credentials and SSH credentials on [email protected] so that we can debug the issue.

@riteshpatelrtcamp Rahul has the credentials. Please let me know if you find the issue. Thanks, Johnny


Any update please?



I hope you got my reply via email. I am closing this thread to avoid duplicate messages here.

Hi Ritesh,

Please let me know how the testing went?




Either use support forum here, emails or linkedin?

Posting everywhere won’t speed up. In fact it will delay as me, Ritesh and other team members will not be able to remain on same page.