Can't get the posts to redirect to wordpress blog


I’ve tried several times, but the posts just don’t redirect. Actually the more often I try, the more issues I have: These are the verification links that I get:

Clicking this link » http://naeh-connection.blogspot.com Should redirect to »

1st problem: I suddenly always get picture URLs

2nd problem: The double http:// in the blogspot link is weird!

3rd problem: If I check a link directly from blogger (like, I get this hostgator warning.

I hope you can help me.

Thanks Annika

Hello @Annika

It seems like a content importing issues. The double http:// in URL cause either because content importing wrong or the script code pasted in blogger template in wrong way.

Have you tried content importing by changing blogger blog URL ? like if old blog URL is and then use another blog URL ?

You may try again by completely flushing WordPress database.


just to make sure: where in the blogger template do i have to past the code? do I have to add it at a certain space or do i have to delete the original template? (there is no button for resetting to normal template!)

You just need to replace entire code of blogger template and use new code provided by plugin. Please have a look into this video for complete migration guide