Can't get basic uploading to work


I came across this plugin and it looks like an amazing fit for me. Sadly tho, I can’t get it to work. When I put the upload-shortcode on a page (without any tags) pictures can be uploaded, but they just dissapear - theire not on the user page or in an album, or anywhere. They are in the wordpress media gallery tho.

I even tried a fresh installation of wordpress with the default theme and no other plugins, but I get the same issue.

Hey @Petey,

If I understood correctly, you have placed an upload shortcode on a page, something like [rtmedia_uploader], which displays an rtMedia uploader.

The above shortcode is in the most basic form- it will merely add any uploaded media to the WordPress Media Gallery, as you have noticed.

If you require the uploaded media to go a particular album, you will need to specify some additional parameters with the shortcode. For example, if you want all uploaded media to go to a specific album with ID 25, you would use the following shortcode: [rtmedia_uploader album_id=125]

You can read more about shortcode parameters in our docs >

If you want to want to display uploaded media on the same page, you will need to add the Gallery shortcode ( ) to the page > [rtmedia_gallery]

Let me know if you require any further assistance.


Joel Abreo