Cant finish installation - Please do not keep any field blank! error

I have obtained the correct Partner ID, fill in the correct email and password but keep getting this error: Please do not keep any field blank! … any help?

Yep, same here. 

Any help really appreciated!

There are 4 fields mandatory.

1.Partner ID
3.Password and 
4.KalturaCE Server URL
Fourth field must be "" if you are using kaltura's partner ID.
If you are using your own kalturaCE, it must be valid URL where kalturaCE is properly installed.
In this case, "http://your-domain-/kalturaCE/".
If you put last field blank, it doesn't assume you are going to connect to

Thanks Kapil,

Works a treat. Might wanna add that as a mention in the help section when installing it.
Will give this a spin now!

Thanks tapaninaho,
I will update it.

Keep checking upcoming updates… :slight_smile:

I guess making fourth field have default value = “” will be a good choice as well.