Can't customize my custom.css after installing rtMedia


why my previous edits in custom.css doesn't apply anymore to the theme i'm using after installing rtMedia?

any advice what filenames i should edits? many thanks in advance


ok here are the simplest things i've done on my custom.css and the other files before, but mostly i use custom.css, and just for you to have an idea what scripts i should edit instead:

  • i change the body background color
  • background color of each content inside Activity
  • background color of registration form
  • background color of the widget login
  • and lastly is the main login page (i made several styles here like styling the box)

those are things that are gone after installing rtMedia, please need your help, i really like this rtMedia it's an easy to use especially for non-techie users

Hi Dexter,

may be rtMedia CSS had overriden some of your custom CSS. This is strange. Registration form, login widget etc. are none of the rtMedia business.

yah strange, i'll try to reinstall everything on my site, i'll put my backup css then i'll try if its working and then i will install the rtMedia lastly.

i'll update you once done, thanks

hello again @riteshpatelrtcamp

i already resolved my issue, i used your Custom CSS inside rtMedia Settings, and that’s it every time i want to customize my css its all now following… i’m not using my Theme custom-css anymore just that Custom-CSS inside rtMedia and everything are perfect… Thanks for the great plugin!

more power guys!

Glad to know that your issue is resolved.