Can't create a new wordpress site


Hello, I’m trying easy engine for the first time and I’m trying to set up a new workpress site. However the create command fails after extracting wordpress:

$ sudo ee site create --wpsubdir
    Running pre-update checks, please wait...
    Setting up NGINX configuration 	[Done]
    Setting up webroot 		        [Done]
    Downloading WordPress 		[Fail]
    Oops Something went wrong !!
    Calling cleanup actions ...

The error, from the log reads as follows:

2016-02-08 03:52:35,803 (DEBUG) ee : Changing directory to /var/www/
2016-02-08 03:52:35,803 (DEBUG) ee : Running command: wp --allow-root core download
2016-02-08 03:52:41,184 (DEBUG) ee : Command Output: Downloading WordPress 4.4.2 (en_US)...
Command Error: Error: Couldn't extract WordPress archive.     DirectoryIterator::__construct(/tmp/wp_56b81106587ba/): failed to open dir

2016-02-08 03:52:41,185 (INFO) ee : [Fail]

If I check on /tmp/ there’s no /tmp/wp_* folder but there’s a /tmp/wordpress folder.

This issue is extremely similar to the issues reported by the end of last year in posts similar to this:

(I can’t add other links due to site restrictions)

However, the solution from that time, ee stack remove --wpcli; ee stack install --wpcli, is not working for me right now.

Does anyone have an idea of what I could be doing wrong? Or how can I get my site working? I’ve heard great things about easy engine and I would really like to set it up for this project.

Thanks in advance.


I just spent 6 hours, pulling my hair on top of this issue until I found the culprit. I had everything setup fine, I could login, create database, permissions, etc. Yet, EasyEngine could not create the database for me. Turns out that besides the usual locations of:

~/.my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Easyengine stores a new my.cnf file containing the root user / password in: /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf

Hope this helps as I found a lot of people having the same issue.


can u show me detail how to fix it ?


I just told you, put the root username/password in /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf


This is my file , so how can i put it in there ? just type into it :frowning:


Yes, put it in the client section after port and socket. But keep in mind that the file you opened is in your root account, not in /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf

user = root
password = yourpassword


i’ve try but not work ! can u fix it for me ? via Teamviewer :smile: , can u give me a skype or fb ?