Can's see added pages

I've installed the rtPanel theme, to add page 1-3 works well but when I try to add the fourth page I can't see it. If I change to a different theme I can see page 4 so it's obviously there, somewhere... Thankful for some help! /annican

Hi Annican,
By default rtPanel shows 5 pages in the menu, with a depth of 4 ( sub/child pages ). You can add more pages using the WP Nav Menu by going to the Menus section under Appearance in the WordPress Admin. Here you would need to create a new menu and apply it to the Primary Navigation. The Nav Menu depth is also restricted to 4.

In case you want to show more sub-menu pages. You would have to add the following code in the functions.php of your child theme

add_filter( ‘rtp_nav_menu_depth’, create_function( ‘’, ‘return 6;’ ) );

The depth in the above example would become 6 and could be changed to any number.

In case you don’t have a child theme, you can download a sample child theme for rtPanel from here -> rtPanel Child Theme

Hope this helps.