Cannot subscribe to free encoding service


I'd like to try out the free edition of your encoding service, but the link to do so from my site's rtMedia addons settings page doesn't work. The form that encloses it has an empty action tag, so I just stay on /wp-admin/admin.php.

rtMedia and BuddyPress are the only active plug-ins on my site.


Hi, We have checked this and it is working perfectly fine on our end. Could you let us know what message are you getting upon clicking on the "Try Now" button?


Since the action tag of the form is blank, nothing is getting submitted to your service (i.e. nothing's going to happen even if everything is working fine on your end). The form is submitted to (my site)/wp-admin/admin.php, which simply displays "0".


@Peter issue is in javascript, click event is not bind properly. it will available in next release.

you can download latest code from github also.