Cannot pinch zoom on ipad

I was just looking at a site I'm doing using RTpanel and I noticed that I was unable to pinch zoom on my iPad.

When I looked into the issue, I saw the Mobile Viewport code that is in your header.

Then I did some experimentation and analysis of the site on the iPad, and noticed that there are some pages in the site that will resize to the screen properly and others which do not. Side margins are off as well. I'm not sure how that code is really working.

I disabled the code and things seem to be behaving more "normally"

Just wondering why you've chosen to use it, and what it's designed to achieve. What am I going to lose by removing it?

Thanks for pointing that out phpadam. We are looking into this and will get back to you soon.

Hello phpadam,

Sorry for delay. We have updated rtPanel to 2.0.7 and currently, it’s under review.
You can check the developement on WordPress Trac page.

Hello phpadmn, we checked pinch-to-zoom with latest release ( 2.0.8 ) and found it’s working.

Let us know if you are still facing this problem.