Cannot install ioncube on EE v4

First im new in there. i hope my question doesnt wrong ,
I just installed EE v4. on ee homepage on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ( Google Cloud Platform )
My web application require ioncube to run.
And when i install ioncube on server. then type “php -v” . Ioncube loaded ( enabled )
but my website cannot run and notice that ioncube not installed.
info(); php give me back no ioncube installed.

Forgive my english not good enough.
Anyone can help me solve this problem.
Thanks you

Sorry we don’t support ioncube and do not have plan to add support for it.

List of PHP modules we have is here -

THanks for your reply.

im so glad to your reply. about your team plan. its really sad with me but its okay.

I just want your team help me with problem that. i installed that module on PHP but site cant load.
not even ioncube, it may be another module.
it seem it have something wrong with php config with site. custom php.ini cant load with website

I think it is very bad that you dont support ioncube as many scripts are encoded with it.
I just cant seem to get it working. Any ideas?

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im looking for solutions too.

Hope they will support us

im looking for solutions to… if u can be learn pls. share us

can you guide us .? i still not get it