Cannot empty CSS Cache

I love Easy Engine and use it for several of my clients, but about a month ago on new installs, there is some cache setting that I cannot undo.

I am currently running a plain HTML site with CSS, and I cannot update the CSS that’s displayed on the site. Even if I delete the .css file off the server, my site will still use the cached CSS

I can update the HTML files just fine.

I am completely baffled and have lost hours of client time trying to solve this.


ee clean --all may solve your issue.

btw if there is cdn or cloudflare you configured try to clear it.

That did it! Thank you!

What kind I change in config that won’t require me doing that? As I’m developing, I’m constantly making CSS changes. If I need to run that command every single time I upload a new CSS doc, it will become a pain in the butt.

I add a version number to the end of the CSS reference to get it to update. Unfortunately that’s not a great method either.

<link href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>?v=3.45" rel="stylesheet">

Yeah, that’s not gonna work either.

I’m just wondering what EasyEngine changed that makes this happen, it’s only on this newest version. Previous versions did not do this.