Cannot Access Site

So I went to login to my WordPress site and find that neither of my admin credentials are being accepted (“Unknown username. Check again or try your email address”).

I connected to my VPS using SSH and ran “ee admin-tools enable” to enable the EE admin tools figuring that I could run PHPMyAdmin to check which usernames/passwords are in the database.

However I cannot access the mySQL server - error is:

mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ' '@‘’ (using password: YES)

Can anyone suggest what has happened to my site and how I might regain access to the blog.

As an aside - when I ry to navigate to the site I simply see the sample page, all of my previous posts have disappeared.

The site is not new, I have been running it successfully for more than six months.

I have logged in, made more than 150 posts in that time and everything seemed to be working fine. I’m not sure whether the database has become corrupted somehow or whether the WP installation has somehow been hacked. I can still SSH into the server and run ee commands however I can’t access the phpmyadmin container as it rejects the username/password credentials provided by easy engine admin-tools.

Any advice on the next steps are more than welcome.

Check you wp-config.php to see the database info your site is connecting to the database with.
Relaod your site and run the below code to see the latest information of your site, in case someone hacked into your site, change some details.

If the above doesn’t work, consider rebuilding your server from scratch and then restore your site from your backup. I guess you have a backup of your site else where like Dropbox, gdrive or Google cloud.
Although I’m not sure that rebuilding is the last resort now, but instead of waiting for days to find a way to gain access to your site whereas you have a complete backup, then do it and have your site up and running.

I created a new VPS and Wordpress site - this time using WordOps rather than EasyEngine as figuring out what is going on with EE just seems too complex.

Restored my site from the latest backup and I’m now back online.

Thanks for your input and assistance.