Can we switch off google service for documents rendering?


Google services are blocked in China, we can not view the uploaded documents even for pdf, it always shows service unavailable, can we switch off google service (with an setting option) for documents rendering, just use the browser’s capability or some other addons without needs for external services.

By the way, i can not find a search box in this forum, it’s quite strange.


@hanzhidou, Sorry for inconvenience, we will add admin option, whether to use Google service or not in upcoming rtMedia-PRO release.

good to hear, thanks for your support!

@hanzhidou, A new admin option named Enable Google Docs for documents and files has been introduced in rtMedia-PRO 2.2 to enable / disable Google service to view documents.

Thanks for the improvement!

However, now there is just a warning in the lightbox "Google docs service has been disabled. This file can't be loaded." I still can not view the docs in browser or download it if I don't enable the download button.

Only after I selected "Enable download button", I can "Download" or "View Original" in the lightbox and the media page.

It could be nice if we improve further: - display the Media Thumbnail in the lightbox (and also in the media page) instead of displaying a warning. (users don't care use google service or not and might be frustrated if he/she never used that) - separate download setting for different media types.


@hanzhidou, We had added filter for that message so that you can change it as per you wish. Use rtmedia_disable_google_doc_service filter to change that content.

Regarding "separate download setting for different media types", nice suggestion, we will think of it.