Can rtmedia "Like" and BP "Favorits" be integrated into one and same thing?

Having both “Like” and “Favorit” is confusing users.
If there are multiple photos in the same post in the stream “Like” should go to the album
If there is one photo “Like” should go to the photo itself.
Same for comments - if one photo in stream, that photo gets the comment, if multiple photos, comment goes to the album. This is the default behavior in actual social nets or other social scipts/

I will discuss this with my team and will come with a solution.

Any progress on this?

Hi @risha,

Sorry but that’s not possible as rtMedia doesn’t support comments and likes for albums. Though we can do it just like we have for activity comments. If user make a comment on activity, that comment got synced with media, we can do same for Favorites. We will look into this. You can check status or can give your inputs here: