Can not upload media

When trying to upload mp3 / or images upload keeps just stays at 0% WP 3.5.2 BP 1.7.2 MEDIA 3.0

wp 3.5.2 bp 1.7.3 rt 3.0.0

This is the result in firebug of uploading a mp3, however the mp3 is not shown after the upload.


Please advise, we really need this working!


Although we couldn't get access to your site, could you confirm if the latest release fixes the issues you've been facing?

Also, we appreciate the fact that you've taken great pains to explore the code and suggest changes. We'd like to invite you to fork the project on GitHub and send us pull requests with any useful changes you can make to the code.


migrmn, even though your code didn't work, the following happened that resulted in the completion of my migration, and I'll say why I think that happened. I have had similar things in the past to this experience.

I removed the code that I implemented at your suggestion, and "reverted back" to what was there. Then I went in, and updated to 3.0.1 (again - i had this before, and it didn't work). The I went in to migrate. The stuck migration was still there, but, when I tried again, it was successful! Then I went into my media area, to check on an upload I had done previously, but during my attempts at updating and migrating (I did it before migration had been completed, and it didn't initially upload). Saurabh, the new look for photos is really great. The previous one had been pretty ugly. So far, so good! I'm going to try and upload a new photo now, to make sure that everything is working well. Thank you!

I also had disabled another plugin that I had updated at the same time as rtMedia, before I had updated to rtMedia 3.0.1 this time around, and perhaps that contributed to the success. The plugin, in case if anyone else is using it, is Shareaholic share and related content button. They had made some major changes to their application as well. Perhaps this had contributed! There also might have been hidden spaces created in the rtMedia migration php file, that I might have gotten rid of, when I went in to edit it. Perhaps it just needed a reboot!

Hope this helps.

Best regards,