Can nginx fwd wol packets accros networks?

i’ve a domestic assistant server on my lan and all of my iot are on a segregated network for obvious protection reasons ;). but on account that wol is layer2 traffic the apparent answer is that it cannot be routed at a 3rd layer ip to some other community. my fw is a pfsense and i’m able to wakeup my television from it since it has get right of entry to to the dmz. my query. can nginx capture the l2 packet after which fwd that accross in some way to wakeup my television?

thankyou my issue has been solved

So while trying to setup custom permalinks on a new Wordpress install today, I discovered that Nginx doens’t use .htaccess and as a result requires some configuration changes to support custom permalinks.

That now has me wondering, what other plugins rely on .htaccess and may not work by default on Nginx? In particlular I’m concerned about security plugins.

I’m currently using Wordfence. Can anyone recommend a security plugin that works correctly on Nginx? Or confirm if Wordfence already will?
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