Can i nstall 2 Easyengine instance on a single dedicated server?

As there is a limit to 27 sites is it possible?

you can reading here:

As v4 depends on docker, it is affected by Docker’s limitation of 31 network per machine.

v4 creates one network per site. Then v4 also needs few Docker networks for global services. So roughly we limit the number of sites to 27.

Please note, a WordPress multisite is counted as a single site. We highly recommend you use WordPress multisite more often. Aside site limit, multisite reduces overall burden and in a way enforce usage of quality codes.

While we already have a patch to overcome this 31 network limit, we will wait for a few months before we make a decision on this.

If you already have a v3 server with more than 27 sites, you may migrate them in chuks to multiple v4 servers.

If you are asking if you can actually run the Easyengine install script twice on the same dedicated server then the quick answer is no. The limitation imposed is NOT Easyengine, but Docker.

But assuming that the dedicated server has plenty of resources (CPU, RAM, etc) you could easily deploy multiple VM’s using a hypervisor of your choosing (KVM, VMWare, Zen, QEMU, Virtualbox, etc.) and then install Linux onto each deployed VM. You will be able to run Easyengine off each of these VM’s. Each instance of Linux with Easyengine installed will have the same 27 site restriction.

EEv4 could’ve overcome the limitations by using one custom network instead of creating a network for each site. Or could’ve used custom network with specific subnets.