Can I create a non-WP subdomain to existing WP site?

I created a WP site like (hostname is This isn’t multisite, just standalone.
I have another standalone site on this box,

Now I need to setup a general non-public “service” type of app (not WP, just general PHP/mySQL pages similar to PHP MyAdmin, it’ll be used only by Admin for some non-WP stuff).

a) Should I create this as subdomain, say
If yes, do I just do “ee create site” --mysql"?
b) If I shouldn’t tie this to a domain that’s used in production, can I create this as If yes, do I just put my stuff in /var/www/

Or is there some third, better way?
Personally I prefer B) as I’m hoping that I can just paste code into a random directory.
Assuming I don’t have any plans to use ee to delete, this would be easier as I have less DNS and sites to manage.

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A) You can create a subdomain using following command

ee create site --mysql  

You need to create a myapp folder inside webroot

mkdir -p /var/www/  

Add nginx rules for myapp

ee site edit  
location /myapp {  
    try_files $uri $uri/  myapp/index.php?$args;  

Also you need to manually create database for myapp (if myapp required database)

Thanks for this wonderful script, Easyengine is really easy.
I have a problem though, here is my situation:
I have created using ee site create --wpfc
made to dns records for bind9 from scratch and is working very well.
Now i wanted a wp subdomain so i created using ee site create --wpfc is not multisite.
Now problem is that i cant acces i am confused with the dns and nginx part here.
Can you help me with this please. There is proper tutorials for domain creating with ee but a good tutorial for dns with bind would be just great. This is the first time i am working without a control panel (i was with plesk previously) so dns and all is little trouble to me.

Thank you

Ok i have found that the is up and it responds from the machine and resolves to correct ip, but this is only possible from server or some other ip address. even gtmatrix is able to load the site but i am not able to ping or load the site from my local windows machine . Dont know whats wrong, i guess dns cache might be the cause and i have no idea how to solve this issue.

Its seems like your local system DNS is not updated
Please use google DNS servers you can find more details at

Hello @nastyraj7 and @something,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support ticket for now.

Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries further. :slight_smile:

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