Can I Change the Menu on Lightbox Pictures


I am having an issue with the menu being propogated on top of the light box. Actually the menu being propogated doesn’t phase me, it looks alright, but I’d like to change it out for another menu. Is this possible? Is the menu showing on top of the lightbox supposed to happen at all? Thanks for your support!

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@bencstrs, It looks like CSS z-index issue for menu. Can you give your site URL so that I can have a look and can tell you the exact issue.


Hi Ritesh,

Thanks. My URL is (however you will have to change your hosts file to show it as as it is still being tested and isn't live yet)


Hi Ritesh,

Have you been able to see if it is a Z-Axis problem with my theme? How do I fix this?



@bencstrs, I didn't find any media gallery. Can you give URL to the media gallery where I can open an image in lightbox.


Hi Ritesh,

Please user:


It is giving 404 page not found error. Even this page -> is getting 404.


Hi Ritesh,

Strange. It pulls up just fine for me. Have you successfully edited your HOSTS file to see it according to the correct IP Address for both & Also, please make sure to flush your DNS Cache first or else it will still resolve to the old IP address. I recommend HostsMan to do all of this. I have attached a screen capture of what the site should look like if this is done correctly. Let me know if you have any further issues accessing it. Thanks!

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@bencstrs, I tried but no luck. Can you setup a develop environment and if you are familiar with CSS, you can do that by inspecting lightbox element and increasing the Z-index value.


Hi Ritesh,

I setup a development environment at please navigate to forums, and view a user's pictures (i.e.

I am wondering if it IS a Z-Index issue as I looked at all of the Header Menu elements and none of them had a Z-Index of over 2000, but it looks like RTMedia Lightbox classes are all set at 9999. Let me know what you find and how I can fix this issue. Thanks again for your help and sorry for all the back and forth.


@bencstrs, this css code header#siteheader .container { z-index: 2000; margin-bottom: 0; } in your theme's main.css file line no. 1077 was affecting the lightbox.

You can apply z-index to .mfp-wrap class in your theme anything greater than 2000. For example, .mfp-wrap { z-index: 3000 }



For some reason that didn't work. I applied custom CSS for .mfp-wrap { z-index: 3000 } in the theme's Custom CSS folder and it still didn't fix the problem. I even tried editing the main.css to reduce the z-index to 1 and that did nothing either.

Any other ideas? If you need I can give you access to the site.



I got it to work! i just added the code to the Custom CSS not on the Theme, but on the RTMedia Plugin. Works like a charm. Thanks so much for your help. You are a lifesaver!


@bencstrs, Glad to know that your issue has been fixed :)