Can I change the footer?

Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

I would like to change my footer, of course I will give credit. Exactly, I will make the footer like this:

2014 © [websitename] | Theme 2014 © rtCamp | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

Also, sorry if this is a duplicate.

Thank you.

Edit: How do you change the footer anyways?

Hello Temporary,

Please check this tutorial, we follow this method to change footer information.

In your case, add the following code in your functions.php file,

// Remove current footer information  
remove_action( 'rtp_hook_end_footer', 'rtp_footer_copyright_content' );  

// Customize footer information  
function my_footer_copyright_info() { ?>  
<?php $rtp_set_grid_class = apply_filters( 'rtp_set_full_width_grid_class', 'large-12 columns rtp-full-width-grid' ); ?>

<?php echo date( 'Y' ); ?> © <?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?> | Theme <?php echo date( 'Y' ); ?> © rtCamp | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

<?php } // Add new footer information add_action( 'rtp_hook_end_footer', 'my_footer_copyright_info' );

Note: Kindly update "#" link with your required links.

Let me know if its work for you :)

Works perfectly. Thank you for the help!

Glad to know it works for you.

Thanks for using rtPanel :)


I tried this method, but unfortunately this code does not remove the old footer message:

remove_action( 'rtp_hook_end_footer', 'rtp_footer_copyright_content' );

Is there another way to remove old footer info?

Hello Sadanduseless,

Please try following code in your functions.php file,

function rtp_remove_custom_hooks() {  
    remove_action( 'rtp_hook_end_footer', 'rtp_footer_copyright_content' );  

add_action( 'init', 'rtp_remove_custom_hooks' );


If you are editing rtPanel parent theme directly then you can modify rtp_footer_copyright_content() function in /lib/rtp-default-functions.php file as per your requirement.

Let me know if it works for you.

Thanks, it is useful.