Can I add Location

Can I add location tag to a pictures ?I am using rtmedia in buddypress.Many thanks

Hello @dominika,

Can you explain what do you mean by tag to picture ? Are you talking about attribute of media or you mean to tag location to media like photo-tagging?

Thank you.

Hi @pranalipatel

Many thanks for reply. In the users galleries I would like the users can add location to a picture - where the picture was taken so i can sort them later by countries for example.



Hello @dominika,

You can use attributes for categorization of media. For example you can add attribute like name of country which can filter photos of that attibute. And then if you want to display all media which are having same attribute, you can use attribute shortcode for that.

Refer this documentation link here

More information on how to use attributes is given here :

Note : You will not able to click on attributes to list all related media. That feature is not implemented yet.

Hope this will help you. Let us know if you have any other doubts.



Many thanks.It was very useful. So I will try than.



Hello @dominika,

You are welcome!