Cache purge plugin

Do I need cache purge plugin if I don’t use fastcgi_cache?

Also, I noticed that wordpress seo option (add trailing slash to urls) conflicts with the enhanced disk caching in the w3tc setup, so I thought that is maybe worth sharing.

If you don't use fastcgi_cache you don't need cache purge plugin.However this plugin can fix some other nginx+wordpress issue.

Could you clarify what fixes is cache purge plugin responsible for?

Removes index.php from permalinks when using WordPress with nginx.

Thanks, appreciate the response, Doesn't Wordpress SEO plugin already do that?

@yazeed if you are on wordpress + nginx and not seeing index.php in permalinks, then you do not need to install nginx-helper (unless you are using fastcgi-cache).

Re. the second part of the original question above: I too am finding W3TC allowing non-trailing slash urls (particularly wp pages not posts) in disk enhanced mode, as if it is overriding normal wp configuration, e.g., both and work. This creates a duplicate content issue.

(I’m using ee 2.2.2 wpfc).

Three of the last four releases of W3TC have trailing slash fixes, including 0.9.3:

Fixed trailing slash and redirect with apache

Does the problem lie (or is a solution possible) in the nginx.conf?