Cache or not to cache

That is the question. :slight_smile: With v4 it appears the only option for cache is Redis. Problem is, the Redis plugin that handles flushing the cache doesn’t seem to work on v4 and Redis doesn’t seem to play nice with some plugins like Elementor.

Is there another option for cache that I have just missed built into v4? With the issues listed above, is it still better just to have Redis and deal with the issues? Is there a reason to have Redis if you have something like Cloudflare for cache on the front end?

What happened to fastcgi cache?

My caching method are two. Both relative easy to setup:

  1. Mostly static website

I prefer Fastcgi, I simplified the process. But you can use W3TC or WP Super cache.

  1. Mostly dinamic website

I use W3TC and Redis. Yeah, with Cloudflare but not for caching, so one should first configure the cache config files and plugins, and then configure the Cloudflare CDN.

And yeah, you should use cache, that makes things faster. Maybe you should test, that’s the real answer hehe. Just let us know what happened.

It’s always a good idea to use a CDN for static content, you need to exclude the dynamic pages.